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Las Vegas RaZoR Adventures - 2 Hour Adventure

Below is a list of frequently asked questions we often receive from people...

Q: What clothes should I wear?

A: Dress weather appropriate.  We recommend long pants but not required.  No open-toe shoes.


Q:  What is the pace of the tour?

A: You set the pace of your tour.  Whether you're looking for a sightseeing adventure or an offroad chase through the desert, we're here to satisfy.


Q:  Do I need off road experience to drive your machines?

A: No, you will be driving an automatic 4 Wheel Drive UTV with a full roll cage and long travel suspension.  It has the same controls as any automatic car or truck.  Put the shift lever into drive and go.  Even shifting into 4 wheel drive is just the push of a button.


Q: How long is the tour?

A: This tour is a full 2 hours.  There is a stop in the middle for a photo op and water break and stops can be made to change drivers if needed.  Bring a camera so you can get a picture of your adventure with the Las Vegas Strip in the background.


Q: Where will you pick us up?

A: We offer complimentary shuttle service from any Casino on the Las Vegas strip and will return you after the tour.


Q: What kind of machines do you use on your tour?

A: At Las Vegas RaZor Adventures we use the top of the line factory made 4 wheel drive Polaris RZR-S (2 seater) and RZR-4 (4 seater).  These machines were designed with quality, performance and safety in mind and both models have long travel suspension to provide the smoothest ride possible over rugged terrain.  Wild enough for the off road pro and tame enough for the first time novice, our machines will not dissapoint.  You'll be coming back for more!


If you have any questions or wish to speak with one of our representatives, please feel free to contact us, we look forward to hearing from you.

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