CAPITAL DIGITAL helps businesses identify how the internet may be used to their competitive advantage, we use our expertise in creative design and programming to develop and deploy advanced internet applications and e-business solutions.

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"CAPITAL DIGITAL has created an extraordinary website for our company, Cast Stone Elements.  We often get compliments on the site, because the brilliant design work they have done for us is among the most interesting and exciting on the web.


They have given us the elegant yet practical image we require in order to do business on the internet in the high end design market. The work is superb.


CAPITAL DIGITAL has also done a terrific and very speedy job of getting our website placed very high on the search engine lists, which is no easy task.  We are extremely pleased with the site he designed for us and his maintenance of our site; we could not recommend his work more highly — he is a terrific internet craftsman as well as a very talented artist. "


President, Cast Stone Elements


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CAPITAL DIGITAL Multimedia Communications

Capital Digital is a Multimedia Production Studio specializing in Advanced Website Development, Mobile Application Development and Search Management Services.

We use our expertise in creative design and programming to develop advanced websites, custom applications and e-commerce services world wide.

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